Keoni Denison

To all the women out there who may have encountered, recently encountered or are considering getting to know Keoni Denison, STAY AWAY from him! He’s a repetitive liar who only looks out for himself! He will lie to you in your face and doesn’t care, despite the whirlwind of feeling like you’re being swept off your feet the first few weeks/months. This is a person who after 6 weeks, thought it would be ok to try and move in with me, try and have me do his laundry, who helped himself to my parents’ refrigerator for Thanksgiving left overs without asking anyone because he was “so comfortable” (it was only the first time he’d ever been there!), same person who showed up at my parents’ house uninvited, unannounced and walked right in around the just befor Christmas (their anniversary) and said “I’m here!” And had NO clue as to why or what he did was wrong! Our family dog passed away and showed up to “comfort” me by arriving after I was asleep, proceeded to take a shower (which was an unusual behavior), then go downstairs to do an email rather than come to me and see how I was doing merely because he thought I was asleep. A few days later, I was in a car accident and he argued about whether or not he should come to my aid. Ladies, this one is a liar to his own business people as well! Not just those he pretends to love. He also talked a TON of trash about his ex-wife, who lord knows, put up with him for 8+ years! I’d LOVE to hear her side of the story!! I’ve also seen Keoni’s profile on Plenty of Fish, as TWO separate profiles with two separate pictures…merely evidence of how deceitful he really is ladies! If you see him, hear from him or have interest in him, THINK TWICE!! I wish I had!! (My friends and family feared for my life at times to be honest!)
He is located in Durham, NC and owns his own business, Capital Wraps, but has a PO Box in DC so it “appears” he has a branch there but he doesn’t. Doesn’t that also fall into the skeptical scheme, I think so! He aided a friend/employee in an affair by allowing this man and his fling to do their business in a parked car in Keoni’s yard, yet, Keoni swore to thinking of marriage as a “sacrilege.” Yeah, I doubt it.

Deanna Christine Mulderrig

Deanna Christine Mulderrig, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

Deanna Christine Mulderrig is probably one of the worst human beings I have ever met in my life. She is a cheater, liar, gold digging loser. She has no problem smiling to your face and then cheating on you behind your back. Horrible person is an understatement. The girl is a low life and has nothing going for herself and to make things worse she’ll even pretend like she’s pregnant to get you to stay with her. Avoid this girl.

Tammy Pirtle – wives beware

All wives in Weatherford Tx, and surrounding area, look out for Tammy Pirtle. All men are fair game. Watch your husbands if shes around.
Note to Whore Pirtle-next time you’re looking for a husband, find one thats not
already taken!!

David Pulcinella from Delaware

Has cheated on every woman he’s ever been with. Has been in a more than 10 year relationship with a sweet woman named, Liz. Little does she know that her traveling Reebok-shoe-sales-man-male-whore tries to get every woman he knows in bed. He has cheated on her over and over again. He even tells people he and Liz are “just friends”. They’ve lived together for over 10 years! What a moron. What really kills us who watch him is, he’s not even attractive. Or smart. Liz, we hope you read this and smarten up. Your man is a dog and has told multiple ppl h how he doesn’t love you, but needs you to help out with the bills. Move on girlfriend. You can do SO much better.

Mr Ashley P Davison

Like father (John – see Background), like son (Ashley), Ashley Pierre Davison lies and cheats, and ought to be outed. Ashley visits massage parlours, for a ‘special massage’, with ‘benefits’. In my opinion it is the equivalent of Ashley visiting prostitutes behind girlfriends back. Subsequently, new partners are advised to ensure Ashley takes regular STD tests.

Ashley Pierre Davison suffers from a mental illness (anxiety disorder), which, in my experience, he can use as a “reason” or “excuse” for lying and cheating on his partners (if they find out!). 

Ashley Davison is very aware that he is a good looking man, and he wants to use that to his advantage by being with as many women as he can. ‘Live life to the fullest’ is how he describes it – others call it cheating, adultery, being a slag or slut, and unfaithfulness. His biological father, John, was adulterous too (see Background info below).

Ashley is half-French, and in my experience, he tries to use this to charm women. He also uses magic tricks (card tricks, coin tricks, “burning wallets” and many others) to try and impress women. But in my opinion, it’s all very short-term and shallow tactics – smoke and mirrors, but no substance!

In my opinion, Ashley is very manipulative. Time to out him in order to prevent another woman from trauma!

He uses things like his charity work (where he meets a lots of new women! ;-)) to *appear* like a good person. Ashley Davison is a Trust Fundraising Manager at Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. He works for a charity, but that just means it is his job, which pays his bills, and doesn’t necessarily make him ‘charitable’ or a ‘nice person’ as such. Actions speak louder than words…

Despite working for a health charity, Ashley has been callous and insensitive about the health issues of people around him! Get this- when the mother of his child was suffering from post-natal depression, he was violent and abusive towards her – picking her up and shaking her, and then complained that he thought it would take her years to get better (well no one is going to get better with a man abusing them like that!). And yes, Ashley works for a health charity!!

Ashley also tries to use his status as a single Dad to his daughter, Vanessa, in order to *appear* ‘cute’, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘decent’ as that could make women will feel sorry for him or think that he is a family man – a false sense of security. But the true reason Vanessa’s mum lives with her family in a different city, leaving Ashley a single parent, is as a result him starting a chain reaction to drive Vanessa’s vulnerable mother to almost die (or be killed – depending on how you see it!), so that she became physically disabled and needed her family to be carers. In my opinion, Vanessa almost lost her mother to death, because of her Dad, Ashley Pierre Davison, being unreasonable and malicious towards her mother. Ashley still treats Vanessa’s Mum like shit, by, for instance, withholding regular updates about V. In my opinion, this must be a power trip problem.

The truth is that when Ashley’s daughter’s mother was pregnant, Ashley was bullying her into having an abortion and emotionally blackmailing her! Ashley told Vanessa’s mum that he objected to a woman’s right to choose (because it is her body and her who lives with the physical and emotional consequences). Nice!

When Vanessa’s mother didn’t abort, because of moral reasons, Ashley then sent her an email to break up. In it, he explained that he wasn’t going to be at the birth or sign the birth certificate, and that he essentially wanted nothing to do with his own daughter!! Vanessa’s mother felt so traumatised that she couldn’t continue suffering in silence, so she forwarded the email Ashley had sent her to his workplace and friends – it was fine for them to break up, but the baby was innocent and it wasn’t fair on the child. So, in my opinion, Ashley only went back to his own daughter out of shame!


It’s in the genes – like father, like son. Ashley idolised his biological father, John Davison, who was a serial cheat and compulsive liar. 

John Davison cheated on his first wife with Ashley’s French mother Christine – John left his pregnant wife, who then gave birth to his child while he was with his then mistress, Christine. John went on to cheat on Christine Davison, and when she found out, she filed for divorce because of his adultery – but then her partner Dave suddenly came on the scene as if he had been waiting in the wings. 

John Davison had lots of girlfriends, who he exposed to Ashley and his brother Oliver, as they grew up. John was a charmer, and valued youth and beauty in his girlfriends – Ashley picked up on this and found it an attractive lifestyle.

So, be pre-informed – like his father, Ashley may well trade a partner in for a younger and prettier model!

Alex Poirier

Age: 27
Nickname: Alpo
Lives: Courtice, Ontario, Canada
Works: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I met Alex Poirier in November 2009. He was immediately sweet, engaging and very forward about his interest in me. I had just got out of a relationship so for the first bit it was only talking. That was ok. He loved talking to me. Very quickly it got intense – he talked about me moving in with him, etc. I was hesitant, and that hurt him that I couldn’t go so fast, but we carried on.

In the first year or so, we were together and apart. His emotions were unstable – he’d be all over me loving, them upset about silly things (once a convo about an oil change) and he’d be gone/MIA for weeks. On one of his forays away, he had a week fling with a tattoo model he met when we were together who I had been worried about. That hurt.

We spent all of that spring and summer apart. He said he just wanted to talk, relearn how to trust me (?!). But it was nice to connect because privately I felt I needed to trust him after that. He often told me how happy he was, how permanent we were, how breaking up would be a nightmare for him.

In December 2010, through the powers of Facebook, I found out about more infidelity. The summer he needed time to trust me, he was courting his ex-girlfriend, named Kate. He and I talked every day, sometimes for hours. I don’t know how he did it. He saw her numerous times and brought her to family cottage vacation as well as a wedding (both of which he originally invited me to).

I was pretty heartbroken but we soldiered on, again found happiness and we had major plans. He even bought me an engagement ring. I asked him to wait and he was fine with that. I learned to trust him and things were perfect. At times his emotions were very unstable. I felt it was because he was insecure, but I told myself time and love with give him security and calm him down.

By June 2011, he was angry all the time, blaming me that we weren’t living together full time, married and didn’t have kids yet.

By August 2011, I asked for a break for a month. A few days into that I got a pocket dial from him. I heard him talking to a woman. I understood he was golfing that day and freaked out, calling/texting. He answered after an hour of that, yelling at me. Insulted I was worried he was with a woman, saying it was a sales clerk. He even sent me a photo of his golf mates, proving he was with them.

Two weeks later, my worst fears were confirmed. He was having an affair with a 22-year old named Chelsea Falcioni from Brampton (Heart Lake), so orange from spray on tan she looked like an oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He was with her that day, it was their first date. She stayed at his house for several days (with the dog we bought together), met his family. He later went to her families cottage for a weekend.

Initially he wasn’t unhappy I found up, rather happy and we broke up. But very quickly he was back at me, apologetic, wanting to fix things and we spent two months doing that. He had a slip and saw her again one weekend he was sick but he was devastatingly apologetic and promised never to see her again. I was sometimes insecure when we weren’t together needing reassurance he wasn’t with her. He got very mad at me.

His sweet, apologetic nature turned two weeks ago. He was again angry and blamed me for his emotions, blamed me for his cheating. We finally broke up. I can’t believe I have taken all of this but I have. I believed he was worth it.

Now I see who he really is: a deeply insecure man with volatile emotions who needs the most simple of girls to feel secure. He turns to easy girls when the goings get tough or relationships have their usual growing phases.

I can never forgive him.

Bruce Houman

Beware of this creature.

I have knowledge of business dealings with this person.

He will first befriend you and your loved ones in order to fool you into thinking he really cares about you and your family. Then he will play “innocent” and say that he wants to learn from you what you do and will befriend you in order to be your partner.

When he decides to invest with you and once he does and says he is showing it to all of his CPAs and attorneys (Don’t be fooled because at the end, he is just pretending that he does, at time of the lawsuits, he will tell you, he never showed it to anyone and it was just him looking over all of the legal papers!).

If the investment goes well, then you will have no problems, but if it does not, he will sue you and the whole world, including harassing everyone around you, your kids (no matter how old they are), your elderly parents, in order to get his investment back, and his excuse will be: “I WAS BLIND AND COULD NOT READ ANYTHING” and/or will change the story ten fold and lie until he sees who will believe him.

Beware of this creature and stay away from him. Don’t do any business with this man because he is only in the “profit” business, and is not in business for the ups and downs.

At the end he will just play “dumb” and only blame you for everything no matter the good you have done.

Karen Hollander

Don’t date this crazy bitch. She is from Wisconsin and can be found on, avoid her at all costs. She is obsessive and totally nuts. She is so determined to be in a relationship she will tell you anything you want to hear and make herself sound like she is a stable and wonderful person that is a great mother. What she really is; is a liar and a cheater. The whole time we dated, she was texting, sexting, emailing and calling other guys. She was saying how she loved me and wanted to marry me but she is so full of shit. She made me fix her house, pay for things and never got anything back in return but heartache. I figured something was up so checked her phone and found out about these other relationships. She is ruining lives and especially her 2 daughter’s lives. She is a whore! The pathetic thing is I thought she was a wonderful person until I met the real her, then she turned ugly. Take a good look at her. Stupid elf ears, her eyes don’t even match up and her bottom teeth are so crocked and a mess. She says she has morals and surrounds herself with people that are good like her, that is crap. If her friends only knew what she said about them behind their back, especially her two lesbian friends. Though I am sure they are tired of hearing all about her men in her life and her depression. She doesn’t have depression, she is just fucked up. I wasted a whole year on this bitch. Then when I want to dump her sorry ass, she won’t stop texting and calling. This one is really psycho. Hell when it comes down to it, she was good at sexting but fucking her was terrible! Harry, Joe and Bernie, we all dogged a bullet there. How you like me now Karen!!