Nichole Schwebke

Nichole Schwebke is a big home wrecking whore! She moves from state to state macking on other women’s husband’s, gets them to give away everything they have, then moves on. She is a ruthless bitch who has ruined lives in at least 3 states. She will get your husband anyway possible, use him, then get rid of him anyway possible. If you see her, hear her, or even hear a rumor of her, pack up your family and get!

Jayden Harrison, Jayden Santa Rosa, Antonio Harrison

Jayden Harrison, claims he’s 33 and on POF. HE’S A FAKE. His real name is ANTONIO HARRISON from Santa Rosa, CA, Rohnert Park, CA Petaluma, CA San Diego, CA, San Mateo, CA , San Francisco, CA Oakley, CA, Sacramento, CA, & San Francisco, CA
this is based on my personal experience: This man was not who he presented himself to be with me. I was dating this man (I thought I was) since July 2012. in my conversations with him over the years he described himself as low key and drama free. he emphasized on that a lot for some reason. He works out at the local gym obsessively every day. Claimed to be a professional athlete who is a personal trainer, played for the 49ers. he solicited women at the 24 hour fitness in Santa Rosa to train them at their home. I thought nothing of it because he’s a personal trainer (what he said). he volunteered that all he trained were new mothers who needed to lose baby weight. however, in hindsight I am unsure. one day, at the gym, He showed me a sex toy that he happened to be carrying in his gym bag one day. said he bought it just because. I suspect it’s bc he assumed I would look through his backpack and would not believe him if I discovered it on my own. after all I was giving him rides to the gym at the time. I thought it was funny at the time. he also told me that one day he was training a woman in his apartment who insisted that they take it to the bedroom & needed advice on how to stop it. I thought nothing of it- just that he was having trouble with this client. I always caught him talking to women at the gym, he never introduced me as his girlfriend. he said bc a girl he used to “talk to” spread gossip about him and it spread. he said to me he was suicidal bc of it . and I believed him. but now I wonder if he said that so I wouldn’t press about his girl. he also said he trained at his apartment and one day that he stopped doing so bc neighbors were beginning to suspect. of course right around that time he all of a sudden became very attentive with me . probably to deflect his true behavior? Several people confronted me and told me he was hooking up with women that he trained. I even de-friended someone who said that he insisted he’d train this friend’s friend at her home. I confronted him and he denied it and put it on his family, I stupidly believed him. I also believed this man when he made claims that he owned property near San Mateo which he claimed to stay until recently. however, i never saw his house when i asked about visiting it. he said no. he would give an excuse. he forbade me to come to his apartment unannounced. he told me it was his rule. one day I surprised him, walked up this place and heard a woman inside talking, and a blue car in his spot. he claimed it was the tv and he carpooled with his friends to a bar… really?! maybe the tv was in bc he was busy having sex? another time he got obsessed about decorating his bedroom and all of a sudden his nieces we’re going to visit? apparently they did one weekend but I wasn’t invited to meet them. really? he even had me picking the decor! he would also keep his apartment super clean. to leave no evidence behind? then his cars kept disappearing. he had me follow him to concord bc he sold his Lexus and needed to deliver it… at night to a sketchy apartment and he knew exactly how to get there. also claimed that he had no problem buying whatever car he wanted. one day in 2014 I saw an EBT balance on his food max receipt. I nervously confronted him and he said that it was a temporary benefit from ankle surgery. he got really mad bc I asked. he said that he had W2s from all the NFL contracts he accumulated working for different teams and would show them to me. I said no after he made me feel bad that I asked. he never had the same car & he would always hide his phone and have it on silent all the time and claimed he always had problems with his phone- it’s y he couldn’t call me back . he was very hard to reach, claimed to have a cold, headache, taking a nap. he threw those excuses for 2.8 years I dated him. and at night he wouldn’t call much. and once he was at his apt for the night he wouldn’t go out . even in an emergency which I had several nights over the course of 3 years. but again I couldn’t go to his place unannounced. he had it down. it makes me wonder where he really was when he wouldn’t answer and I wouldn’t see him. he also operated by cash only. would never let me stand next to him at the super market register (I saw a food max receipt with an ebt balance one day) .said he was intimidated by me standing there. so I would wait in the car. also claimed to have 0 children and that a girl in 2003-2004 got pregnant by him, lost the baby and she is trying to 1) claim $ for medical expenses and 2) trying to collect child support for kids not his own. that never made sense to me, I told him lawyer up fight it. nothing came of that. he also said he didn’t do holidays with me. and no birthdays. I asked why, he said bc no girl ever gave a shit about him or his family didn’t celebrate it. claimed to stay at home or go to the gym during Valentine’s day or Xmas or days like that and wouldn’t hang out. bc he was visiting and having sex with someone else? the only time I celebrated the holidays was Xmas 2013 but it appears I was really there to provide legal information to a sibling. and don’t ever accuse him of lying even though he is because he will unleash on you. seems to me like he was deflecting. then he non stops boasts about being Jerry Rice’s friend and how his mom cooked breakfeast for the entire 49er team. He claimed he played on practice squads. there’s no record of that. and the one time I met his family for Xmas 2013 and they never mentioned that either. all the photos were of him in college. I asked y don’t they talk about u being a 49er or in practice squads. he said its bc they know that the way my career ended was painful to me. he claimed to stop playing football in 2008. cannot find a record of that . (the career that I can only confirm lasted 2 weeks) . in 2013 he also talked about opening a gym in berkely area, no record of that either. but he disappeared for days and weekends on that excuse. he would trigger a fight and then I wouldn’t hear from him and coincidentally it was during holidays, birthdays, weekends. I asked about the gym he opened on or about July- sept 2013 (I didn’t get invited bc it was last minute and we were fighting, according to him). I searched the Internet for this gym “tone up” never existed. he said the business didnt make it, that he sold the equipment to a high school. then he claimed that some ex NFL 49er player by the last name Garcia opened a gym in san diego he claimed to go for opening day on New Years day 2014.,. no record of that either. he didn’t even text happy new year, claimed he was sleeping when I texted him . with who? he took hours to get back to me -2 am. wouldn’t answer his phone isn’t that when the clubs close? He doesn’t own any property, no record. and there is no evidence that he played in the NFL. Rather, he tore his ACL in bootcamp back in 2000. I accused him of being a fake one day, well several times and he became- un-hinged every time ! in one particular instance he told me that I had 0 in my account and he had hundred of thousand of dollars. called me everything from a-z. so I said fine, done . but days later he called claiming his dad was sick. never apologized. This man claimed to me to be humble and mind his own business and is independent, he always said that whe I became skeptical and questioned . He says he’s committed, swore on his mother, his dad, his life that he was committed…. medical issues. He told me I was the 1st person that he allowed to do this or that -e.g. stay over, cook him breakfast, first to stay over. telling me what he thought I wanted to hear? a hook? He made me feel like I was the one. it sounds dumb in hindsight, but the manipulation was that deep. it never really felt like I was in a relationship bc it was a constant fight to make it into one even though he claimed that’s all he could give. he’s attentative at first but for reasons that r obvious the attention subsides. in hindsight I wonder if he used me and paraded me at the gym (then only place where he acted like he knew me, not as his girlfriend but as a person he knew) to create the appearance that he wasn’t a player after the ex spread the gossip wthat I now believe is the truth and just moved his operations outside the area where the gossip didn’t reach . I wouldn’t put it past him .i suspect He used my car, my gas, & money I believe to likely visit with these women. one time he put in unusually high mileage (150 miles or so that’s the equivalent of a round trip from Santa Rosa to San Francisco) and I asked him about it and he dismissed it and said I was mistaken. why did he have my car in the first place? bc his mom had his car and needed it to drive his dad to appointments. but I saw his mom drive her own and the one time I visited in Xmas 2013 the car was nowhere. he said it was in he garage. whatver. He dissapeared around the holidays again excusing himself saying his dad is sick (thanksgiving 2013, 2014) , or his back is hurt or he’s sick (Xmas 2014). the dec 2014 excuse getting sick and then having was stomach surgery. I asked why he got surgery he couldn’t say. so I said appendicitis, flu? what did the doctor diagnose u with? he said a Uh…..a little bit of both. huh? when i questioned too much and pressed he got defensive, we argued, and he disappeared again! it was his pattern with me. I texted him and said I guess we r done. then he said his dad was in the hospital. huh? then he called and texted less and less. I argued with him about his odd behavior , confronted him by text bc he wasn’t answering his calls. he disappeared , grabbed his tv from my storage (left trash behind for me to pick up) and blocked me. without telling me it was over . I found out when I tried to call and got the blocked number ring. after that It was told to me that he was having affairs for years with other women. It appears that there’s one in the bay area or san diego he can’t let go of? it is true his dad does have a mental condition. but the sickening thing is that he used that excuse on me to disappear, not call or text as much, and leave me hanging. he had the nerve to say his dad was in the hospital for days on end. i Suspect he was really with someone else. I tried breaking off with him several times. he would use his dad’s illness as an excuse to come back, knowing my dad passed away from similar circumstances. in mid summer 2014 he told this ongoing story of his “friend ” who can’t let go of his ex girlfriend in San Diego who’s busy living off of multiple guys. around that time he said he was thinking of commuting to San Diego on the weekends for business. then he decided against it bc of me (I don’t believe it for a second) in hindsight the New Years 2014 gym opening day excuse and the fact That he changed his number to a 619 area code around the same time seems more than a coincidence with this “friend ‘s” story . he even sought conversation about what his “friend” Should do.wonder why. to me it seemed to me like there’s a woman he’s following around and can’t let go of. also, he never wanted and did not go out in public (other than the gym or place to eat that I paid for bcc he ever carried his wallet) bc he said people gossip about him. he had a fear about going to San Francisco to hang out. why? he claimed that the gossip that was surrounding him was too much. when I confronted him about his odd behavior- not calling back, only calling when driving or at a store , not texting back right away (as in I text in the morning and doesn’t text back until the afternoon) , not wanting to go out ( never went out in a date) ( he would always say we’ll see & nothing would happen & then he’d say oh yeah I had all these plans for us but they fell through or u kept being pushy with a day to go out and it caused argument and attitude so I cancelled)he claimed to be depressed and suicidal bc of ex girl gossip that spread. yet right around that time is when my now ex friend told me that antonio hit on his other friend. one day he also had the nerve to tell me that his dad got a stroke and he drank pills and alcohol. I looked for him everywhere in town thinking he did something when he didn’t show up to meet me so I could take him home…. found out his dad had the stroke years before!! then he told me that he ended up In a hotel and couldn’t remember how he got there and that’s y he didn’t answer his phone and didn’t meet me. just a few years ago there was a posting of him on another site calling him a gym rat has been, with a bunch of women claiming he was hitting on them and sleeping with them. I stupidly chose not to believe it. he denied the claims till the end, didn’t even flinch. and turned the confrontation around and made me feel bad for bringing it up. even got angry and told me he almost punched a hole though a wall when I confronted him. my gut feeling was always ‘he’s a fake’, he’s Around until he gets no benefit. but I chose emotion over logic. and …. lesson learned. always trust your gut. it never lies. if a person has an excuse even a simple one for everything they’re hiding something u should not feel guilty for asking for the truth. and a person shouldn’t be so defensive like he always was with me. he even had the nerve to ask me to open a Macy’s account so he could get a discount for some dress shirts he wanted to buy. ( what to wear to the club when I’m at home !?). does he have $ one time he got a parking ticket in my car , i paid it and he offered to buy me groceries in the equivalent .
this is not even the tip of the iceberg…
this is not a diatribe of what he would call a girl that he “talked to” who can’t let go. that’s how he described his ex , and will likely describe me. I am not the kind of person to speak about personal relationships. but what this man did to me was … no words. this is my experience with the man and I would never want another person to go through what I did. he’s 38 years old and sounds to me like this is not the first time he acts like this. what I remember his ex claiming is almost parallel to what happened to me. he used to tell me how women are gold diggers and pretend to be Someone else and that they use men. they r the lowest of the low he said. but I can’t help but think that this statement is so hypocritical. bc with me , he ended up being that person he so criticized


it is a shame that you cannot change a pathological liar. a woman who is always looking for a better deal. a woman who cannot stop being with black gentleman.the person who steal from you.right after they tell you they love you and want to marry always a problem to have a relationship with a woman who is sexually abused as a child.the real relationship ruiner was adderall and Paxil and drinking and marijuana. It is a shame. Such a great one. But bad news to the hilt. Then you find out she was a stripper in Texas. Then you find out she has three different men she’s seeing.she loves Asians. In black men drive her nuts. She got one fired where she works at Keystone. Everyone though knew.she says she’s a doctor but she’s not.playing with my blood pressure pills excetera. I’m lucky I didn’t stroke.she says she works at Sum hospital.if it’s Christ Hospital if its Mercy Hospitalno matter which one it is god help them.this person cannot tell the truth. I had 20 stitches in my leg. To be with a new stud. She left me laying on the couch laughing.I have never been so embarrassed in my life by this woman. Be careful guys. Tamara Sanchez is the devil.

Glorivette Rodriguez cheats on girlfriend with participant of non-profit organization

Glorivette, also known as Glo, works for a non-profit organization where she is responsible for taking care of young participants. Glorivette cheated on her long-term girlfriend with one of the participants in the organization (six years younger than her). She then tried to cover it up for a year and a half, lying daily and becoming extremely upset when her girlfriend would suggest that she had been unfaithful.


Paul Chaves works for nypd transit district 1 and is a sociopath that destroys the lives of women. He will either center on strong as a hero or he will play it cool bit either way he will steal from you and destroy your life. He will tell you he is divorced separated or never married….He is very married to roxanne and they live in a nice house in Bloomfield Nj
He also has a little apartment on the upper east side on 79th
He does not have a law degree or a master’s
He is not a teacher…He will stay with you for as long as he can and he will learn all your insecurities. Do the background checks ladies and be careful…The recovery of a sociopath is hard….its sexual assault by deception and if you lent him money it’s theft by deception. File the charges! !!!! $

David Prieto Palm Springs is A Dishonest Person

David Prieto of Palm Springs CA is a dishonest person that is a jealous insecure man because he cheats and lies so much himself. He says what you want to hear but was sleeping with an ex. Oh and that ex Alicia is married. He told me he wanted to get back together then I find out his married girlfriend is pregnant. The rumor is she is crazy and uses David but the way he used me I don’t care. More to this story and the truth slap be out soon. I’ll make sure of it. He sits on his Tribal money and the first bankruptcy wasn’t a lesson. Does she know about what you have been selling and yes I know it’s still going on. Tribe is small but chatty. Do you know she has an ex that’s nosey and we talked? That her familu and your family both talk shit about you two. I know you have no friends left, does she?