Carolyn Seale is immoral

Carolyn Seale of Cleveland, TN was well aware that her co-worker was married when she began pursuing her. No, that’s not a typo, Carolyn Seale is engaged in a lesbian affair with a married woman. She is a supervisor at her current employer (a major Japanese auto parts manufacturer in Athens, TN), so if future employers are searching her name to see what kind of a person she is, they would be well advised to avoid hiring her because she has no morals. Adultery is not OK.

Jesseca Reddell

Jesseca Reddell had an affair with a married man who has a young child. She had the audacity to write the wife the texts blaming her for the affair. She does not think boundaries pertain to her and that she doesn’t bare any responsibility for breaking up an family. Well, the internet should hold her responsible and she is a co-conspirator with the husband of causing untold pain and heartache to the wife and daughter. She is unkind, unsympathetic and totally remorseless.

In addition, her parents knew she was sleeping with a married man in their home and allowed it to happen with their minor children under their roof. It is really alarming that they allowed such disgraceful behavior to take place in their home with minors around.

Mark Albertelli The man who was really a boy

Mark Albertelli is nothing but a lying, cheating, narcissistic, alcoholic, drug addict. He will pretend to be nice, pretend he loves you (even say as much) then stab you in the back and leave your heart in pieces. He has an awesome way of hiding things, doing some really messed up stuff, then making you feel like everything is your fault. He will accuse you of sleeping with his “friends” (I use the term very loosely as he has no real friends) that you’ve met once. He lives with his mommy and daddy, thinks everything should be his way, and when it’s not he packs his things and runs away. He doesn’t know what the terms love and loyalty mean. He thinks kids should be slaves, and when he tosses you around enough to leave huge bruises everywhere….. He will claim you did it to yourself (guess that’s what happens when you do tons of drugs and drink almost a case of beer a day). Everything is always your fault, he does no wrong. There’s never a kind word for you no matter what you do for him. You get yelled at. That’s also your fault for not following his rules that he tells you nothing about. His only responsibility is his dog. Which his mommy takes care of for him. He’s too busy. But he will damn sure tell you what you have to do. Even when it comes to things he has no clue about. He has no idea what love, family, caring, or even taking a break from the fast and loose lifestyle even means. It’s sad. Very very sad.

Troy May

Troy May is a cheater. He will tell you he is not but beware. He puts females in compromising positions just to feel his strength. He thrives on submission and mind games. Smart women beware. His favorite game is conquering you and making you feel less then. Nice women beware. He has slept with half of LA using his techniques. He is not a gentleman, he is not a man, and he is not worthy of your time.

Frank Easterling

Frank Easterling is a liar and a serial cheater. He uses women like they are nothing. He manipulates women into believing they are in committed relationships with him when actually he is saying the same things to multiple other women. He has used women for money and has left many women hurt and damaged. He feels no empathy or remorse for anything that he does. He is a horrible person who has absolutely no respect for women! This man will hurt you and not care. He will use you and not care. He will take your money and not care. He will lie to you about everything, sleep with multiple women and men and expose you to STDs and he will not care. He is a sociopath! He is psychologically, emotionally and physically abusive! BEWARE!!!

Brian Beauchamp Kalamazoo Detective Home Wrecker

Detective Brian Beauchamp from Kalamazoo,Michigan had a lengthy affair with a married woman who was successful, bright, fun loving & once amazing wife & mother. He killed a part of her spirit that no one will ever see again. He’s still playing happy household with his wife & kids….. While another family is picking up the pieces. Careful, after a stressful year of police work & not getting his sex addiction filled he may come looking for another married woman.