dee lambert

Dee Lambert (Want a whore, Park Blvd)
Dee Lambert is a fatal attraction woman, she tried to steal my man and I caught her. Now she is mad and lying left and right, telling co workers that I told her husband and at the time I had not. Telling her boss that I threatened her I did not. She was at another shop working and saying she feels like a whore and is ashamed YOU ARE AND SHOULD BE you only had him twice and gave him a hummer once. I over heard him tell someone that you were not even good at either. He told you you were nothing but a whore and a huge mistake. Did you really think he was going to leave me for some scum bag like you . Now you are sad get over it move on I have the pictures to prove the affair and all of what you have said. He wants nothing to do with you and you know it. Get OVER it we are getting married and this has brought us closer together as he knows how good he has it and that you were disgusting. No one at work even likes you they all think you are a drama queen. You lost!!!! Go back to your bi sexual ways and pick someone else. I’m sure the guys at the new store would love to know the truth. He USED YOU. LMAO Jimmy should find out soon!

susan beausang

Susan Beausang is a liar and cheat in life. She makes cancer scaRves for persons with alopecia related issues .. she writes about her experience and also makes her self out as a angel for the sick and also a person about women having a choice in their treatment. im her sister. i was kept abused humiliated tortured and threaten with more abuse if i did nOT conform to her and m family insane lies about a fake false medical diagnosis my father put on me as a innocent 18 years old virgin drug free and healing from bulimia art student with honors. i loved my life and only got to live it three months before my mentally ill depressive father inflicted thsi on me as an attempt to keep me out of art school. his delusions about aritst were sick and left me a traumatized altered kid. my family first showed protectio then turn on me and abused me. i was subject to cruel treatments and their own abuse turing my situation into a means to take out their issues. i lost 15 years of life where none of the reported to drs what i said was truth that he lied and drs told him to leave me alone nothing was wrong with me. he insiste to want me to be sick.
My sister was one who took up the lie and abuse , after the father. where she cuold have exposed or even considered the damage they were doing and it was obviou they abuesd me and gaslight me that to conform to a lie. i refused and suffered a feral isolated life.. becuase drs were also told to ignore what i said and listen to father. my suffering ended for 19 years after i began to cut them off and got my own and real identity back. Not at one time although i wrote about this and tried to tell drs did they remove or care to remove the brain washing word and insane diagnosis he created and they rode or to see or hear what i said or consider my life over their own bleak madness . my friends said my family were sick and obsessed with cancer and my life was in danger.
I got to escape the horrible effects of persons trying to inflict a lie and false diagnosis and gave the years and years feeling one da they would wonder what they were doing and wake up. THe damage tell a doctor so i could get care. it did not happen. Susan Beausang is a fake charlatan and a narcisistic attention seeker using the likes of people and cancer. Although my sister who life was sacrifice in my story and died also had alopecia from her medical issues. She has not one mention not even of her death or her illness and onlly mentions in her stories of m poor grandmother( who i loved but was not fixated on her cancer) . But repeatedly does not even mention my poor sister whos life was also taken own by my family ill means to deal with illness and a father who lead them. i was seperate from them and guided by god. it was god who took me out of that hell and to a place where i was able to get my real life back from them. I was burried alive kept a low life tortured and lowered and ill treated for not conforming to her madness. She is a sociopath because she lies and also wanted to make sure i could not speak the truth over powering and also has a very intense need of intention and to cover this no matter what. To extent of using her psychic mind and altering my own. or others to see it her way.. and i had no voice or means to speak..
my terror ended for 19 years and i got to live thrive again away from that family. Although she poses as a person who is about women being given right to chose. i was not allowed to and fed a sick diagnosis suffering never having any conditions. she was most determine to see me sick for misery company.. she does not practice at least for my life, and said she also would not do to her son what she did to me. but contradic her own words.. even though after i began to heal it was obvious what was going on adn that i wodl get to talk about this one day.. as i got stronger and more better daily.. i was given back 19 years of miracle life . until that life was challenged by abusers set on me and i might also say it is possible that her or one of the other guilty abusers in my story had a intent to make sure i could not talk and to see thati was mentally ill before i got to go to court and recall who did what to me and how..
My last 19 years of life were spent free of them. Despite one attempt they made to try to take me back to hell .i managed 19 years of amazing life and proof of abuse and munchausen. Not one person stood up or even investigate the truth . Her interest to blur it hide it and claim no one wil know the truth now about my situation or that no one will listen to me, also comes after fact she refused to take a lie detector. She has a hideous laugh, and feels if she laughs at any others words, about this. This will make others follow her story and humiliate me. She makes no effort to even consider what took place . they have made up bizzare stories that lack fact and wont hold up on court but refuse to see the painful damage it has done and that now i have lost the 19 years i got to live because of the harshness i suffered and becuase of alist of abusive persons set on me to take me down.. i began to get sick in past few years while drs ignored me. My desprate attempt to ge her to act for me , only petrified me again of her and my family who still kept a lie , refused to even examine facts and were intent to repeat mistakes they made despite it was so obvious and easy to do right thing. she did not listen to my choices but induced her madness on me. It is obvious she could care less what truth was or to find it. but to say . NO ONE WILL FIND OUT NOW. IS ADMITTING T HER OWN INTENTIONS.. SHE ALSO SAID WHY FUCK SHOULD ANY DR LISTEN TO ME.. AFTER 19 YEARS OF HAPPY NEW LIFE. MY LIFE ENDED TRAGICLY FOR LACK OF WHAT WAS EQUAL TO ONE DROP OF WATER. I WAS LEFT TO SUFFER RETRAUMA TO MY STORY BY SOE EVIL PEOPLE AND FELL HOMELESS BECAUSE DRS REFUSED TO DO RIGHT THING IN TIME OR AT ALL. I LOST ALL MY TALENT I GOT BACK ALL PROGRESS AND SHE HAD NOTHING TO SAY WHILE IT WAS EASY TO PREVENT.. BUT NO ONE WILL BELEIVE ME AND NOW SHE WAS EVEN OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I DO NOT HAVE CANCER ,AND I HAD A VERY AMAZING LIFE.. THAT IS NOW GONE.SHE WAS NOT ABOUT MY CHOICES OR TRUTH OR EVEN HEARING OR GETTING IT AND KEPT REPEATING SHE WILL NOT GET IT OR WILL NEVER GET IT THIS CAME AFTER HER WRITING ABOUT HER TAKING SURVEYS ABOUT HER DR NOT HEARING HER, AND NTO GETTING HER ALOPEICIA. LOOK UP THE TEN SIGNS OF A SOCIOPATH, AND WHAT IM SAYING IS SHE LIES DECEIVE IS NOT A GURU, AND SHOULD NOT BE FOLLOWD BUT TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT HE OWN MENTAL ILLNESS.. PLEASE STAND UP TO SOCIOPATH AND ASK FOR TRUTH IN DEALING WITH THIS PERSON.

Christina Nancy Barbaro

Christina Nancy Barbaro is a lying, fake homewrecker. She destroyed my family. She appears to be an overly sweet person and friend while she is plunging the knife in your back…At least, that’s what she was doing to me, smiling and pretending to be my friend while she was having an affair with my fiance for at least 6 months, seducing him with her psychology degree while he was vulnerable because we had a few private issues…Her address is:
1720 Neva drive
Largo, Fla. 33770


Daniel Anthony Maccann, a sharp dressed, coast hopping successful finance guy is a newly divorced fourty-something, father of two young children and is, simply put, a lying manipulating conniving player … no fault in a newly divorced guy wanting some fun, but this guy lies about it and manipulates, texts wh–res for hire while on a date with you, takes bathroom runs to text other women he has kept on cue while on a date with you… you get the picture … the consummate gentleman type, seemingly, to open doors for a lady etc, but texting throughout the date, lining up other women for later in the eve if he doesn’t get what he wants from his current companion … willing to pay thousands to services to hook up with completely random, uneducated, barely legal – in some cases foreign – “women”, while pushing and pressuring to get all he can from non-wh–res on regular dating sites on a first date after nothing more than a couple drinks or a nice dinner …. if you don’t want a guy who will sleep with almost anything, and been who knows where with who knows what, STAY AWAY from this guy … he dresses and acts like a consummate gentleman, but in short time he shows his true colors and is ALL about sex and play in the moment and willing to turn callous and ruthless on a dime if he doesn’t get it

Bobbie Phuangthong

Biggest Cheater Gold Digger Ever! – Well to sum it up, I met Bobbie Phuangthong on Craigslist. We both live in New Jersey and she lives in Manville New Jersey. During the entire year I found out she was cheating on me. I discovered this because she accidently forgot to log out of her gmail account. When I went to check my mails hers automatically loaded.

She cheated on me every single month throughout our 1 year. She has met men on craigslist, Adult Friend finder, and POF. And that is just to name a few there is even more like During the one year she has met over 15 men and exhanged over 300 emails with men. She has also sold her body on adult friend finder to strip and do happy endings for 140.00.

Mormon Girls Cheat

I had an affair and came clean after she caught me. I was not a religious man at the time and spilled my guts to everyone in our lives and at our jobs. I was chastised by both our families and my children. My daughter from another marriage still won’t speak to me after 7 years. I recently found out cheat had an affair at the same time but never bothered to tell anyone. Even after I asked her to take me to Church and I stopped drinking and was Baptized. We entered the Mormon Temple under strict vows stating we were worthy and had spent over a year repenting and learning to love with pure hearts. She wore sacred garments to confirm her status a Temple worthy the entire time. A few days ago I found out she was with another man during that time. I confronted her and she swore to God, in her garments that she didn’t. I later found out she lied and she finally confessed. There is more to be discovered, I’m sure. But don’t think your goody-goody wife is as pure as she makes herself out to be! EVER!

K.C. Peck

We were together for ten years. Two years into marriage as my mom and nan both passed away, he became distant and combative. He started staying out all night drinking and telling me “he was sleeping on the floor of his business til sober enough to drive home.” In actuality, he was cheating on me with his store manager Lindsey Salerno. Not only did he lie repeatedly, he never even admitted it to me, even though they live together now. They run a business called Ear Emporium (on etsy and a retail location in Arcata, CA)