David Kuchta Drane

My name is David Kuchta Drane. I am a police officer at Indianapolis police department. I got married to my partner of 15 years last July. Then two months later, I tried to get with my best friend husband. I sent him nude pics and tried to sleep with him. I can’t help it. I am only with my husband for the money. If you have a man that is white. I will try to get with him. I don’t have any sexual relationship with my husband.

Myron Recoda Guilford

He cheated on me with 4 women, gave me an STD, stole from me and put his hands on me.He will play games with you, tell you that he loves you while telling all of the others the same thing. He cannot control himself. He lives in Panama City, Florida so be on the lookout if you are there. He will try to snake his way into your life through his job.

Heather Baram Cheater

She is from West Milford, NJ and is currently living in Celebration, FL. She doesn’t just go after married or taken men, but goes after her own FRIEND’S HUSBANDS! she lost her own husband due to her infidelity and now is content ruining other marriages as well. What is more painful, she has NO SHAME and doesn’t care what consequences her actions cause.

Kris L. Ware of Ridgefield Park, NJ

I apologize in advance for this disgusting content, but people need to know about this one. This poor excuse for a human being faked a 3 year relationship with a woman and her two children. During most of this relationship, he participated in making over 100 pornographic movies, maybe more, most of them with no condom. The worst part is that these movies do not focus on sex. Their main content is focused on abusing, degrading and humiliating black women. (He is a white male) In every single one of these movies, he smacks women, in the face or body, spits on them, screams commands and insults and chokes them (with objects or his body parts) until she vomits, over and over again. The choking and vomiting is the aim of all of these movies. He empties dog bowls of their vomit in their faces, on their heads or makes them eat it. He even drags their nude bodies across the floor to wipe up the puke, or wipes the floor up by their hair. Do not fall for his lame excuse that he had to do it to ‘survive’. He never went a day without cable or the latest iPhone. He brags about how he is in the Army and a veteran, but he abuses that title to gain respect and admiration from people. When you start to catch on to how self-absorbed and narcissistic he is, he moans and groans, cries and complains about old war injuries bothering him. It’s such a load of sh*t to gain sympathy from unsuspecting and caring people to distract them from realizing he’s a fraud. He holds himself out to be some American hero who fights for those who can’t fight for themselves, and then turns around and makes a huge contribution to the media that glamorizes the brutal degradation and abuse of women. Then he threw the race card in there and made movies for some low-life who wanted to target black women! Normal average people wouldn’t be able to watch these videos. They are made for misogynist sickos who fantasize about hurting women and he has made an example of just how to do that…over and over again. Most of these women are going home, crying themselves to sleep, abusing drugs and abusing their children because of the way they allowed men like HIM to treat them. You can see it in their faces, one minute they are ok, and then next few seconds they are overwhelmed, in pain and frightened. A naked women, who probably had molestation issues, poor judgement, and is desperate for money isn’t likely to be able to assert herself in a room full of angry white men screaming at her, and change her mind and say she doesn’t want to continue. Matter of fact, one DID, but they screamed at her to continue and she reluctantly did. Do not be fooled by his Psychology degree or big dreams and aspirations to change the world for the good. He made his evil mark on hundreds of women and children and thousands of men who like to watch this garbage. He is still legally married to another woman. Cheats with young girls from the club scene. Here is a link to an old petition against the site he ‘works’ for. Don’t miss the links at the end of it to another article and to a blog written by one of the girls who did ‘work’ with them.


Alan Hutchinson Liar

Two timed me and another girl at the same time. Constantly pushed himself on me even when I verbally resisted and then accused me of playing games if I did not submit to him sexually. When I finally had enough and ended things permanently between us, he spread horrible rumors about me behind my back to my coworkers and friends, and convinced the other girl (now his gf) that I had been seeing him because I disliked her (for some reason) and wanted to steal him away (ridiculous, and a complete fabrication). He repeatedly told her and I the same lies, the difference is that she continues to believe them. I left him and his gf alone after I broke up with him, because I didn’t care and wanted to move on with my life but he wouldn’t allow it! After I left he repeatedly harassed me through several anonymous phone numbers and websites, even after I got the police involved. He also tried to convince everyone at my place of work that I was spreading rumors about him, just to cover his own lying ass. He also attempted to break my current boyfriend and I up, by trying to convince him that I was some kind of she devil. All of these attempts to discredit me and scare me into submission were because I posed a possible threat to the careful lie he had built up around himself. He is a pathological liar, a drug user, a stalker, crazy and a total scumbag. Ladies and gentlefolk stay away, those crocodile tears are not to be trusted.

Dr. Dread

This person is possibly bi-polar. He is a compulsive liar and will do or say anything that is good for the moment even when he does not have to. He has multiple, as in over a dozen, sex partners at one time, engages in group sex and preys on married, divorced women with children, and women who need his money. He is great fun and for someone looking for a fling or casual relationship he may be your man. But it is not worth your physical or mental well being. He will charm you into thinking things that are absolutely false. It is a very risky situation to put yourself in.It is not worth it. The only way to win his game is to tie him down and he will make sure that will not happen.
He will have sex with anyone and everyone, he will date people who make him look good but the bottom line is he will never be emotionally available, honest , dedicated or in it for the long haul. There is a real sickness in his need to deceive and keep attachments to so many people.

Paul Melvin Winfield Jr.

Hide your kids hide your wives…This man is a liar, cheater, deceiver, heartbreaker, etc. Let’s start with the common lie he tells…I don’t have time for other women, I work, I have my kids, I work out 5 days a week, I coach the basketball team, and I go to church. Well the Devil is a lie and the devil is named Paul Melvin Winfield Jr. For starters he is a male WHORE. His front door should be revolving; one comes out and in goes another one. He preys on women for gas money, cellphone bill money, and anything else he can con you into giving him. So you can say he is a $10 hoe. Yes he works, and feels like he is King ding-a-ling at his job. Prancing around telling everybody he is the HNIC Head ni**a in charge. He is always bragging about his dick to everyone, so much so I start to believe that he has zoophilia (one of the reasons why he and diamond, his dog, are so close)/bi-sexual tendencies.   He says he loves me and our son but I soon turn around and catch him with another woman. He has passed along herpes and syphilis. Watch your back and your front. Hide your wife…Because he will talk bad about you behind your back to your wife letting them know how they need to leave their husband because they are not a real definition of a man. He has tried this with his neighbors wife’s, the North Texas Fresh owners’ wife, and many of the women he sleeps with, no condom needed cuz he won’t use it, are either still married or newly divorced. But he will proclaim how much he values marriage. I followed one of the girls on the freeway for several miles to find out she was married. Hide your kids…He has sent this pic to my nieces friend from school. Be careful who you let him around. He doesn’t have a record for this but believe me its only because he has smooth talked his way out of charges. He has 5 kids not 3 that he lies about. He states he wants to be married…Again LIES he just says that to dangle it in front of you like a carrot on a string to a rabbit. He literally does and says whatever he has to say to string you along as long as possible. I suggest staying as far away from this $10 hoe as much as possible don’t get caught in his web of lies. As soon as you leave his house he boasts about it with his neighbors and friends about how big of a pimp he is. FYI a real pimp don’t live on lies they tell the truth and all the women know about each other and still choose to be with that man. He doesn’t have that type of self-esteem he does all of this looking for a mother figure.  P.S he is very volatile and has no problem putting his hands on a woman don’t let this broke azz dude fool you. RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!