Just another player

Lying, cheating player. He has a woman (or 2-3) in every port. If you think you are the only one, you’re not. Don’t waste your time, he’s only after one thing and once he gets it, he will string you along for years while he continues to hook up with women all over the country. Don’t be fooled by his country boy, good Christian man who is dedicated to his family story…he’s a selfish, manipulative user that will only ruin your life.

David Zinsmeister, Lone Tree, Co

I was married to this car guy. You can’t trust him on company trips. You can’t trust him to go out with the guys or work late. He told everyone I cheated on him, while he was still acting like everything was ok with me so that they would help him cheat on me. I found 1 of many girls info in his phone and dating sites after we got married. Why do you need dating sites when you’re married?? His “best friend” let’s him hook up with women at his house. Late night partying…. Ending in not coming home. When confronted he lied. Don’t trust him…..

Matthew Nathan Hyre

Matt, AKA- Matthew, Nathan Hyre. 21 about to be 22, ALCOHOLIC! Most paranoid person i have ever met. BIGGEST LOSER, damaged goods, HAS A SON IN CPS CUSTODY! Can’t pass one drug test to get his own child back, the actual mother of there baby is Destiny utter- Utterly disgusting i would rather say. Matthew Gave me chlamydia, He will also be more than happy to spend his whole fast food check to get you a abortion too :)Lmao. He’s nothing more than an empty headed mindless pathetic poor filthy coward bastard. Act’s Like a Child. Not to mention a tiny morsel of human existence who is consuming precious earthly oxygen wasted on your mere worthless pathetic ass! Is The BIGGEST liar in the world. Lie after lie, Never ends. I’ve Known him for Five year’s, I was fourteen when he confessed his love for me, I’m 18 now and he hopped right on that shit as soon as i turned 18, well right before i was 18 his baby was born then he left his baby mom for me. Stupid me! he was cheating on me, BIGGEST CHEATER IN MAN KIND. Naked pictures all over his phone, More naked picture than pictures of his son. HA WOW! when we dated which was only for (Four months) I am a smart Girl I figure things out fast, He is a abusive man, Gets you right where he wants you and as soon as he has you wrapped around his finger YOUR HIS BITCH. You’ll get beat, manipulated, Fucked with mentally, HE LOVES BEING A SARCASTIC LITTLE BITCH! He is a pansy waste bitch. Has had me threatened by people everyday sense we’ve broken up. I will cope it all so you all know im not lying or making this up NONE of this is fictitious, Nor is it bullshit. Facebook, his name is “Matthre Hyre (because he is a Drug dealer”) And i didn’t have access to Internet for a few days but but when i saw this i didn’t reply he just kept going.
12/26, 11:16pm
Matthre Hyre
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1/6, 7:18am
Matthre Hyre
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1/6, 7:19am
Matthre hyre
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1/6, 7:19am
Matthre hyre
1/6, 7:19am
Matthre Hyre
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= all from him = MATTHEW NATHAN HYRE!~
Yeah, I hope you get My point. ALSO he is a HUGE heroin addict and pot head. Ladies stay away! He drives a green subaru round station wagon, Poor keep up with it. Has Crashed 7 cars due to falling asleep at the wheel high, With me in the car twice, broke my ankle and had me flee the scnen because i wasn’t quite 18 yet. had to walk home miles away hurting. He is 6’2 Tall, Slim, Dorky Looking , Glasses, Dresses casual. works at Penara bread in MILFORD, OHIO CINCINNATI. Beat his ex/baby mommah while she was pregnant, If he drank vodka/beer she had to too. Smoked spice her whole pregnancy. Weed, Air duster. He Drives drunk mornings.daytime, night time you name it. I am very suprised he hasn’t died yet. Showed up at my house about last week trying to kill me, had to call the police. He got away before they got here (of course) He is disgusting, won’t shower, brush hair/teeth, Told me he doesn’t poop & hasn’t in almost 6 months because he can’t because all the heroin he does his bowel movements are fucked up. Deals pot, Rips people off. Just a complete idiot. He is psychotic, my mother called his and she cried and told my own mom she wanted to help him years ago but never could get thru to him, now she just enables his every move, gives him drug money, sneaks and lets him see his kid because his grandma had custody of his son Christian alexander hyre, so there all in it together to fuck with me and play the system and fuck people over and to help matthew in every way possible. Ladies don’t waste your time! He’ll end up dead anyways. There is no helping him.

avoid Krissy Skievia

She is deceptive and she has slept around with my best friend and many of my guy friends. I don’t mind a girl showing some cleavage, but she would always wear extra low cut shirts and when I would go to the bathroom at a store or mall, she’s walk over to a bunch of guys and let them touch her boobs! Then at a shoe store one day, I noticed that a man was behind her and she bent over and rubbed her butt on his…, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! I walked in on her giving our next door neighbor a lapdance. She has hidden Facebook and Twitter accounts and you can tell its her for she’ll say, “I love to straddle and ride.” I posted these picture of her because these are the main ones she loves to send to men and at times uses them as her profile picture.

Corry Bell

As an employee of Houston Habitat for Humanity, Corry uses his position as volunteer coordinator to solicit sex from other females. He is also a patterned, as evidenced by multiple arrests and felony conviction with time served in prison, drug addict. He is also an alcoholic. These behaviors were hidden from his wife since 2009. Sick piece of shit!

Watch out for Yiqian Zhou

I wanted to bring to your attention there may be an individual seeking membership to the AMBW groups on Facebook. His name is Yiqian Zhou or he may be going my Steve Zhou located in VA. I dated this person about 6 months ago. He exploits Black women, and seek to only have sex with them. He has cheated on me constantly in the relationship. However, he does not intend on being with them long-term. He is not interested in Black women because it goes against his family and Asian friends wishes. However, he is not upfront with who he dates. He constantly lies and is not trust worthy. Furthermore, he is the country illegally. He is very involved in pornography, and considers Black women as sluts. He has also stole money from me. I don’t want anyone to be hurt by him. I felt I should let the Admins. of the BWAM groups know about this guy. I know it is a personal issue, but it is one warning that can save a Black woman from additional exploitation.