Deanthony Lamar Welch

Decatur, Ga … This guy is the biggest liar, cheater, loser and bum that I ever met. He will sell you a dream just to get some pussy with his small ass dick. He is not all that fine and I feel stupid to have let this loser play me for so long but Im over his broke ass now.

Cheating like it was her job

When she was not spending hours googling my family and friends, she’s usually accusing you of cheating based on her ‘suspicions’. no SOLID evidence…just a ‘feeling’.

And while you try to defend yourself from these unfounded and baseless accusations, you realize ‘hey, Ill google her’.

In my case, an ex on an adult dating site had posted a copyrighted picture of us backstage and I sent off a DMCA.

But, when I was shown the page from which it had been removed, guess who was on a profile list looking for ‘a**l and p***y play’?

That’s right. She had multiple profiles on multiple sites and from the testimonials posted she had found multiple gentlemen on multiple occasions for ‘ her pleasure’ and was also a member of club sesso.

And the WHOLE time she wasn’t slinging on these sites, she was googling me, my family and friends, harassing them with invasive questions about me and she was screaming at me for cheating because she had a ‘feeling’

So when I asked her about the profile…it was my fault. She was FORCED to go on there ‘looking for me’.
I asked about the men on her list. It went from ‘I never met anyone off there’ to ‘ met a guy on match and we both happened to have an AFF profile’. The lies just grew from there, as they usually do when she is caught red handed.

So she said she would close the account, only she just changed the name. So when I told I knew about that, she denied it. the said it was a ‘mistake’ then she closed it, only to open a new account 30 min later (all these are paid, btw) . When I told her about that one…more lies, all blaming me.

Remember, it’s NEVER her…always you. no matter what.

And one is still open…just hidden.

Her friends had stopped seeing her because she was hitting on all their spouses. I found that out later, along with what ‘girls night out deal with it’ meant.

The guilty scream the loudest.

Keoni Denison

To all the women out there who may have encountered, recently encountered or are considering getting to know Keoni Denison, STAY AWAY from him! He’s a repetitive liar who only looks out for himself! He will lie to you in your face and doesn’t care, despite the whirlwind of feeling like you’re being swept off your feet the first few weeks/months. This is a person who after 6 weeks, thought it would be ok to try and move in with me, try and have me do his laundry, who helped himself to my parents’ refrigerator for Thanksgiving left overs without asking anyone because he was “so comfortable” (it was only the first time he’d ever been there!), same person who showed up at my parents’ house uninvited, unannounced and walked right in around the just befor Christmas (their anniversary) and said “I’m here!” And had NO clue as to why or what he did was wrong! Our family dog passed away and showed up to “comfort” me by arriving after I was asleep, proceeded to take a shower (which was an unusual behavior), then go downstairs to do an email rather than come to me and see how I was doing merely because he thought I was asleep. A few days later, I was in a car accident and he argued about whether or not he should come to my aid. Ladies, this one is a liar to his own business people as well! Not just those he pretends to love. He also talked a TON of trash about his ex-wife, who lord knows, put up with him for 8+ years! I’d LOVE to hear her side of the story!! I’ve also seen Keoni’s profile on Plenty of Fish, as TWO separate profiles with two separate pictures…merely evidence of how deceitful he really is ladies! If you see him, hear from him or have interest in him, THINK TWICE!! I wish I had!! (My friends and family feared for my life at times to be honest!)
He is located in Durham, NC and owns his own business, Capital Wraps, but has a PO Box in DC so it “appears” he has a branch there but he doesn’t. Doesn’t that also fall into the skeptical scheme, I think so! He aided a friend/employee in an affair by allowing this man and his fling to do their business in a parked car in Keoni’s yard, yet, Keoni swore to thinking of marriage as a “sacrilege.” Yeah, I doubt it.

Deanna Christine Mulderrig

Deanna Christine Mulderrig, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

Deanna Christine Mulderrig is probably one of the worst human beings I have ever met in my life. She is a cheater, liar, gold digging loser. She has no problem smiling to your face and then cheating on you behind your back. Horrible person is an understatement. The girl is a low life and has nothing going for herself and to make things worse she’ll even pretend like she’s pregnant to get you to stay with her. Avoid this girl.