Corry Bell

As an employee of Houston Habitat for Humanity, Corry uses his position as volunteer coordinator to solicit sex from other females. He is also a patterned, as evidenced by multiple arrests and felony conviction with time served in prison, drug addict. He is also an alcoholic. These behaviors were hidden from his wife since 2009. Sick piece of shit!

Watch out for Yiqian Zhou

I wanted to bring to your attention there may be an individual seeking membership to the AMBW groups on Facebook. His name is Yiqian Zhou or he may be going my Steve Zhou located in VA. I dated this person about 6 months ago. He exploits Black women, and seek to only have sex with them. He has cheated on me constantly in the relationship. However, he does not intend on being with them long-term. He is not interested in Black women because it goes against his family and Asian friends wishes. However, he is not upfront with who he dates. He constantly lies and is not trust worthy. Furthermore, he is the country illegally. He is very involved in pornography, and considers Black women as sluts. He has also stole money from me. I don’t want anyone to be hurt by him. I felt I should let the Admins. of the BWAM groups know about this guy. I know it is a personal issue, but it is one warning that can save a Black woman from additional exploitation.

Jason Cyganowski

Seattle, Bellevue, watch out! Where to even f****** begin. The beetle must be squashed. This guy wooed me in with his charm and then he’s true colors came out. Not only was he a ragging alcoholic, he was on about 9 different meds, was saying he was “In treatment” meanwhile shooting up heroin down the street with prostitute. NO JOKE. And would come home and and act like nothing had happened…. He’s blown me up on this site… Saying I cheated on him while he was sitting next to me on the bed? This is the game douche that would sand in the doorway and watch me sleep… CREEPY. And, if I was going to cheat on him, next to him.. don’t you think I could have waited until you were out of the house before I would have f***** someone else? He couldn’t even keep a job, couldn’t keep a car, been in jail several times, and when I had the cops involved, they cops obviously sided with me and that was that. THIS GUY IS BAAAD. Everyone said so, I didn’t listen cause I loved him. BOY WAS I BLINDE. He tired to turn my friends against me. I couldn’t even go see any of them cause no one liked him cause of the way he acted and was in his surroundings. He was a great boyfriend, but he couldn’t control himself… in his head I cheated on him and lied blah blah blah, but if you think about it… ANYONE WHO STEALS SOMEONE ELSED ADDERALL AND TAKES 10 30MG PILLS AT ONCE WILL SURELY HEAR THINGS.. Even his own friends said he’s crazy. Im glad to be rid of this health hazard. Ive never had a person make me question my own sanity like this guy. My family was good to him. I loved him, but losers will be losers. I forgive him and I forget him.

Sean Bernardo

This 46 year old living on the central coast is a scam artist! Con artist! He told me he loved me within 3 weeks of meeting me, threatened to move back to LA if I wouldn’t be in a relationship with him, lied about getting a monthly annuity from having cancer from a job (testicular), ended up after 8 years finding out he was on SSI/disability (still dont know what his actual diagnosis is- definitely mental issues), alcoholic, stole $ from my kids & I, had weird feelings/arrangements with his ex wife and other random women, abused me every way possible- mental(controlling), emotional, verbal(constant name calling and put downs),physical(he went to jail for beating on me), pretends at the beginning to be some caring, great guy, but turns into a jerk real quick, said he could “control” himself but ended up getting me pregnant, takes NO responsibility for the child, spends about 4 hours a month with him, tries to instigate constant fights, thrives on drama, has no sense of real self, spends any money he makes on gold jewelry, car parts, clothes, has no moral fiber whatsoever, if you are aware of this person beware! He is only out for his self serving gains. He lived with me rent free, food free, utility free for 4 years. I feel like I was living an unconscious life by allowing all this to happen. Get authentic before you allow this person or any other like him to invade your life. It is hard to recover from! When others warn you….listen!

John D’Auria

This guy is a liar and womanizer. He manipulates women and makes them believe his BS. He is married with children and plays it off as though he is unhappy and getting a divorce. While he is still living with his wife in the family home. He has affairs with married women or women who are in long term relationships and feeds them lies to get them to go to bed with him. He is a home wrecker and shouldn’t be trusted.

Milton L. Ortiz, Delano NJ

He works at Liberty Toyota and lives in Delano NJ. He is a great liar and sleeps with whoever he can, as many as 4-6 women at once (some without protection). He will lie about the status of his relationship with others and tell you exactly what you want to hear. He lies about the other women, if you catch him and then will tell you that “they are lying because they want to be with him.”
He walks around ALL the time with his phone and will text from the bathroom or even when he’s on speaker phone with you
you. God only know how many women he screwed that he sold a car too. A trail of broken hearts follow this guy.