Tiffany Whittaker AKA dirty trailer trash slore

This dirty ratchet has a house full of unkept kids, multiple fathers. All the while hooking up with random guys in her car, bringing men home, locking her kids in the room while she has her sex sessions. Pretends to be this hard working single mother but the only hard work she does is on her knees with her mouth open. Herpes, Chlamydia (confirmed) who knows what else. Slept with most of her coworkers, both male and female, including her manager Teresa Coleman at Access Media 3 in Renton, hoping for a promotion working as a call center retard. When your kids have to sit in one small room, while you shove snacks and video games at them to keep them from coming out into the living room cause your being gang banged by 3 big black guys, you should be tossed over a bridge. And when your kids call every man they see daddy, your vagina should be sewn shut.
Lives in Auburn. Works in Des Moines at Franciscan Health: prob because she goes there enough times for STD help. Was on the news awhile ago because her kids school had a daddy-daughter dance and since her kids don’t have actual daddies, she made a big stink about it. But turned right around and gave one of the school dads a blow job in his car that night. Way to go Tiffy!

Renee Saylor/Overberg AKA: Nadia Carter

Scottsburg, Indiana.

Will date you for at least 6 months to a year and get you attached to her 3 children. Then, when the money runs out, she will start pursuing other men without telling you. Leaves her kids emotionally damaged, and you and your finances in ruins. Has no backbone and will not admit to cheating, even when cornered. Has fake boobs, and fake eyelashes. Requires bi-weekly mani-pedis and fine dining at least once a week. Has deep seeded emotional problems and can detach herself from you and your family without remorse. Likes to break up marriages and relentlessly stalks her prey. Avoid at all costs.

Karen Hollander

What she really is; is a liar and a cheater. The whole time we dated, she was texting, sexting, emailing and calling other guys. She is from Wisconsin and can be found on, avoid her at all costs. She is obsessive and totally nuts.

Take a good look at her. Stupid elf ears, her eyes don’t even match up and her bottom teeth are so crocked and a mess. She says she has morals and surrounds herself with people that are good like her, that is crap. If her friends only knew what she said about them behind their back, especially her two lesbian friends. Though I am sure they are tired of hearing all about her men in her life and her depression. She doesn’t have depression, she is just fucked up.

Jayson Hunsaker

This man is a habitual liar, cheater and manipulator. STAY AWAY. Unless your into severe drug addictions and out of no where anger attacks that lead to both mental and physical abuse. Jayson seemed to be a great guy in the beginning but eventually he turned my life into a nightmare parallel to his own. After speaking with other women who Jayson has had relationships (or other, if you know what I mean), ties to, I realized that he has a history of being someone to lie, cheat, and manipulate.

Jayson lives grew & up in San Diego near the SDSU college, born in 86. Brown hair, blue eyes, lives with grandpa. He is sick in the head (no exaggeration, unfortunately). This man has severe emotional and mental instabilities.

If you find yourself involved with this person in any way, please be VERY careful or better yet get help and/or get out. I had to learn the hard way. I consider those to be some of the smaller character flaws in comparison to the other abuse he is capable of. (The abuse is not limited to just me, either). He is a ticking time bomb. Please be careful.

Kylie Terrell Mosser is a cheating whore.

Indianapolis, IN. Kylie Mosser whilst married carried on several adulterous relationships with other men at her work place. She was subsequently called in to Human Resources to question her activities with her co-workers and she proceeded to lie that no such relationships were occurring.

A co-worker called her husband and let him know that she, Kylie Mosser, was indeed the office whore. She currently isn’t divorced yet and she continues a lifestyle of adultery while also refusing to accept any terms of divorce with her current husband.

Beware. Fake Boobs, Fake Eyelashes, Fake Hair, Bad Upbringing, Slutty Behavior, Rough Background, All Women in her Family have at least one divorce under their belt. She lies, manipulates and nobody’s husband, boyfriend or in general no penis, is safe.

Miguel “Michael” Gianncarlo Galvez (re_broker02 profile name) Liar and Cheater with known HPV

I met Miguel but likes to go Michael online and thought wow I am one lucky girl because here is a sexy, romantic, gentleman, funny and smart guy how in the world is he single. Well ladies don’t let his act fool you. He has a well kept nice white Acura and would open my car door for me every time making me feel special. He is a cheater who likes to jeopardize your health by going behind your back and having unprotected oral sex, fingerbanging, and unprotected sex with random girls he meets on his multiple online dating sites, girls at bars, prostitutes, and any girl that would give it to him I am sure because he likes to get as many girls numbers as he can. He has HPV the kind that does cause genital warts that he knows of but who knows what else because I am sure he hasn’t been tested in awhile. He puts on quite the act and charm, so faithful ladies watch out if he says you are special because you probably aren’t the only girl he is getting in on with and he gets yeast infections from his multiple random sluts he fucks and then doesn’t clean his sheets in between his multiple fuck sessions!!!!