clinton trotter

This is a con man who lives off of women. They are always home owners, often single mothers and often he finds them online. He usually operates in Northern California and in Germany. He is a veteran and claims to be a black ops officer. He also claims to be divorced although there are 2 possible wives out there. This is a deeply dishonest person. He is a heavy drug user and is only there to take. Very convincing and charming but he will empty your bank accounts. Not to be trusted in love or in business.

7 thoughts on “clinton trotter

  1. Hello Katja just because things didn’t work out with us does not give you the right to say what you know is not true. With that said I wish you the best. May God best and heal your heart. I’m in Germany right now, if you want to talk to me. Anyone can say anything online including small minded people !! You have my email address, please let me know

  2. Intersting how many women already contacted the above email…., and lol. You can lie as much as you want. We all know you are NOT in Germany and the person who needs desperate help with whatever your problem is would be you. I dont need to talk to you. You just lie, cheat, sell even your famy members and steal from the women that you claim to love. Do not dare trying to talk to me or contact me. My contacts go way above your imagination. Be careful who you get involved with. We track your dirty track of lies, cheating, stealing and everything else. It will get harder and harder for you to find more vicitms to play with. Get a teal life, a real job and your things together.

  3. Ladies, here are facts of public record which you can check for yourselves for free:

    1. Married on 9/13/2010, Carson City Nevada
    2. Married on 4/7/2012, Washoe County Nevada
    3. Married on 9/4/2014, Carson City Nevada – to CURRENT wife

  4. and those are just the recent ones of the USA, not including the ones in Germany, that unfortunately are not available to the public. Fact is he was/is married by German law to other woman too.

  5. Oh Clinton (Jerome), when you left me without a single word I thought you were only a coward… and now….. after 12 years? I am shocked…. for you obviously marrying is a game (or a job?). Ok maybe I was lucky… you didn’t take my money. During the last years you have always talked about god. TALKING about god is not enough. Do you really think god supports your way of life??? I remember one of our last contact…. you told me “I have changed”….. yes, obviously….. What a shame!

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